I am a native Norwegian based in Gothenburg, Sweden

I’ve always loved the art of writing and began keeping a journal in primary school. Right now I’m in my 11th consecutive year. When I tell you this it actually means every day since November 2000.  When I began keeping a journal I also began writing poems and lyric drafts. Something I’ve continued with to this date.  Very informal but I’ve performed a few poems at graduations, shopping malls and even in Poland.  Among my poems I wrote one specifically to the Norwegian Prime Minister. He was present while I read it.

In later years I’ve kept my performances on a minimum level.  Nonetheless I sometimes miss it.  My last and another informal event was very spontaneously singing Rascal Flatts “God Bless the Broken Road” a-capella in Hurghada, Egypt this year. It proved to be a very fun experience, not that I’m a singer, but nonetheless I wouldn’t mind another go.

With this blog I like to present everything I’m interested in. From history, food, travels, books and music. Everything nicely colored with a Scandinavian point of view.

Photography by: Tove Carlsen