Thanks for checking my Agersborg blog as well. At the moment I donĀ“t have time to run two blogs by myself.

So if you want to keep yourself updated is much better šŸ˜‰

ThatĀ“s the blog I currently run – and by saying that I update every day.

But thanks again for checking into Agersborg.



Thanks for subscribing to Agersborg!

I feel honored that people have subscribed to Agersborg, a blog I havenĀ“t updated for months.

I canĀ“t make any promises of keeping it up-to-date on a daily basis. But I will try my best to update now and then. After all it takes time to keep two blogs running at the same time.

Trying to focus more on photography & the simple things in life.

Meanwhile IĀ“ll continue to use as a platform exploring my creativity.

I give you a little glimpse of my room:

My humble amount of Christmas Decoration

IĀ“d like to feel like her every time I put on a necklace, the Audrey Hepburn was a gift from my sisterĀ 


A few updates and new beginnings

This week began rather busy. Had a few things I needed to take care of. One of the things I did take care of was to create a new blog address.

I’ve come to realise that I’d like to fly under my own name now.Ā  Agersborg was a name I chose because some ancestorĀ used itĀ as a last name.

The address I’m going to use is:

Here I’m going to update about what I do and where life takes me.Ā  If the stars are aligned like I want them to be I have plenty of wonderful things ahead.

Be sure to visit my new site šŸ™‚


Kajsa Josephine Andersen

Lets finish the last post of my current blog with a fun picture I took while waiting for the train one night.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine Andersen



Structuralism covers the theme of today

This is my first spare moment of the day.Ā  Had a or what became an enormous group project that took pretty much the hours.

Right now it feels like I’m buried deep inside the head of Karl Marx and structuralism. Don’t worry I won’t elaborate further on the topic, let’s leave Karl Marx for the time being.

I certainly won’t like toĀ reach that point where I’ve spent so much time learning about his ideas and feeling like I know them better than real people.

Anyway here’s a photograph I took that I’m sure KarlĀ Marx would have liked.Ā Ā It’s taken right in the entrance of Humboldt University in Berlin.

AtĀ least this gives the impression that I’ve actually learned somethingĀ valuable today don’t you think?Ā 


English translation as found somewhere deep inside the web of knowledge:Ā  The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine

Glad the weekend is here again. Fun.

The reason why I don’t manage to update my blog on a daily basis is the fact that I don’t have a computer at the moment. For me who might be categorized as a computer addict it’s rather strange to go without.

At least I get rid off a bad habit.

This week’s gone by so fast. It’s like I’m still thinking it’s Monday but in fact it’s Friday. Today I know is gonna be a good day. No umbrella. NoĀ warm jackets. Just the wind blowing gently through the city.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit this week. Mostly about how to govern the world in different ways. Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant plays both vital roles in my learning curve.

Wonder how much I’ll have learned about Karl Marx when he seems to pop up every second of the day. Guess I’ll be reckoned an expert of a man I’d never thought I’d learn so much about.

Mostly because we seem to differ in opinions. But nevertheless it’s by getting to know different opinions I’ve learned that I grow the most.


Weekend by the Swedish Coast

The past weekend my mom helped me move back to Gothenburg. On vacant hours we took the car for a drive.

One place we drove to was Kungsbacka, on our way down we took a detour by the coast.

Lucky for us did the weather play a nice game, I loved that last day of summer wearing a dress suited for just that.

Makes it hard to believe now when fall for sure has arrived. Yesterday I went for an hour walk in pouring rain and my umbrella unfortunately bent to one side.

Lets return to the weekend, here’s a few pictures. I had to wait inside the car on many occasions in Kungsbacka. The pictures tell that story. The last one is taken by the harbor somewhere on the coast.

Photography by: KajsaĀ Josephine & ToveĀ Carlsen

Back in Gothenburg

The weekend became quite eventful. My mom drove me to Gothenburg again. It’s good to be back again.

We went to the movies on Saturday here in Gothenburg. I’m very fortunate having the movie theatre as my dear neighbor. We watched “Larry Crowne” together.

I didn’t quite feel that the movie applied to my life situation but it was good to share the viewing experience with mom.

It’s odd when a few days feels like a lifetime. However it is true in my case. Those four and for me long days I’ve now been situated in Gothenburg contains so much. New friends, new roomies and new things to do.

I’m sure that I’ll enjoy Gothenburg this fall. Gothenburg is such a nice city to live in. Small but large enough to satisfy me. The city offers a lot that I like. For instance work-out options literally just outside my door.Ā  Then there’s that Action Park where skaters do their best work as my favorite thing in the whole city.

In total it’s easy to feel at home here.Ā  Anyway when the time is right for a move I’m glad that I chose Gothenburg for now.