Monday mornings: makes you acquainted with the author

by Kajsa Josephine

To start off a new week I thought you as my reader should know a little bit more about me.  It feels like the most natural thing this morning.

First of all music plays a huge part of my life. It is wonderful to dive into unfamiliar landscapes of sounds, words and genres.  I’ve come to appreciate music of many kinds and languages.  Lots of bands and artists I like are highly influenced by travels. When I travel somewhere I like to familiarize myself with local bands. This curiosity has done something to my playlists. It’s fun to walk into random stores while traveling and listen to the music that floats in stores and actually recognize a song.

I love to travel.  I’m one of those people who loves being home but still feels very happy when I’m abroad.  The city that’s somehow become mine is Berlin. There is always something fun to do there. On my next visit I’ll make sure I get to see the Currywurst museum.

I love to create. Not by scissors and paper but with ingredients. Especially cupcakes and sweet treats. But I also like experimenting in other fields, an accomplishment I’m proud of is making lamb Gyros from scratch.  I’m happy when I’m in the kitchen all by myself with my apron on, reading recipes and listening to music.

I think this is enough for today. To read more about me & my site go here & here

Photography via Kajsa Josephine (Olympia Stadium, Berlin)