Music of my heart

Here it goes. A list containing some of my favorite tunes. I’m in a very soft mood these days. Don’t blame me. It goes hand in hand being happy.  Strolling along, getting dust on my running shoes I listened to Taylor Swift earlier. Odd how the short walk became so full of bliss. Like I was floating and resting on cotton candy. One kind of rush. The leaves still green suddenly gave me reason to believe that this bliss won’t end anytime soon.

Since I had such a joyous day it’s a no-brainer that I’d want to save this day and pile one as these into a heap of endlessness.  Well, I think some of the music on my heart-list will make sure of that. The rest is just a reminder of days filled with other things than bliss. Anyway, lets not focus on those for now. I’d like to stay in my bliss-bubble for as long as possible.


Dreaming of sandy beaches

Now that summer is soon to be tucked neatly away I’d thought I’d think about beaches one last time. At least until I’m back sweating and smelling like coconut. Well the coconut part still goes on. Body butter is a nice replacement I’d say.

While dreaming away looking at properties I’d yet to afford. I stumbled upon a magazine called Ladies’ Home Journal. Recently they choose their top 10 American Beaches. Time will tell if you’ll see me walking on one of those and if you’re lucky I might carry a surfboard too. Well, really lucky. I’ve yet to actually touch one of those boards.

At the very least I’ve watched surf videos on YouTube.

To return to the selected beaches, here’s Ladies’ Home Journal Top 3

1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

2. Venice Beach, California

3. Santa Cruz, California

Among these I’d probably go with Santa Cruz, doesn’t it look cute and charming? Think this has the whole package. A sandy beach, crystalclear&blue waters and a rollercoaster or something in the background.

photography via: redbubble & globeimages

Reminiscing about the past, applying it to the present

When I was younger I used to cut celebrities out of magazines. Then I’d glue some of them on paper and create stories that went along with the picture.

Like their profession, age and if they belonged to a family. One of the celebrities I used was Colin Firth if I remember correctly. He’s always been a favorite of mine.

Anyway I’d like to take this opportunity to do this again, only using myself as the lead character.

Tuesday collage

By inspiration from Bethany Joy Galeotti I’d thought why not make my own collage. I’d originally prepared something else but today I wanted to have fun. Here’s a few hints what I like at the moment.

Btw. For you One Tree Hill fans out there Bethany will post 20 questions answered by Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray soon.

Trying out a wonderful recipe

I was very disappointed about missing out on great food a couple of weekends ago. Especially Manuela who makes delicious cakes, cupcakes and more. She had a section on a food fair not far from where I’ve spent my summer.

Therefore on Saturday I turned my kitchen into a try-out-her-recipe-area. I made Vintage Vanilla Cupcakes. I’m of course talking about Passion4baking. Don’t think I’m the only Norwegian who’s checked out the website. For some reason I tried not to. Until my stubbornness took the best of me and my will-power vanished away.

Busy surrounded by baking bowls, butter, sugar and the rest of the ingredients I truly savored the moment.  At last I heard the calming sound of an oven-door opening, they were finished. With the humble amount of frosting on top I took a bite then another one. Because I discovered that it really wasn’t necessary to build a tower out of the frosting, just a stroke went a long way. The woman behind Passion4baking really knows her stuff. I’m even more tempted to try out more of her recipes, perhaps by Christmas and New Year’s I have to come up with a resolution in terms of cutting down on the baking projects.

Meanwhile I’ll let Atkins, weight watchers and other diets rest. Afterall the body needs its sugar.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine

Recipe: Vintage Vanilla Cupcakes

Weekend thoughts and enjoying it

One thing I usually do every Saturday have to wait a year.  Through the summer I’ve spent them with my younger sister. Now that she’s far away and out of sight it’s a tad weird not keeping up.  Seems like I need to form new routines. I think that I’ll use the opportunity for mine own good.

Summer can’t last forever. I’m just glad that I got so many merry Saturday’s with her.  When she’s back we’ll have more merry Saturday’s I beat. In between I’ve got normality to return to. Something I look forward to, it’s good having breaks from normality. Anyway it’s normality that makes me appreciate long summer days.

What I’m sure of it pays off getting back to normality.

Tonight I’ll do something else for a change.

Photography by: Tove Carlsen

This post is dedicated to the US and my sister

My sister moved to the US this week. I’m actually a bit jealous but that’s natural. I’m always jealous when I drop someone off the airport without taking part in the flight. But that doesn’t mean this jealousy is incurable.

I beat I’m fine faster than I’d imagined.  Well, since I already miss her I wanted to share a few photographs from our vacation to the US way back. It was a real treat being there. One of the things we did was being on the location of High School Musical.

Some part inside wants to say that I don’t like the movies, anyhow the other parts do. I’ve always had a soft-spot for good ol’ romance.

For my sister here are the pictures. Always good to be taken to places I normally wouldn’t suggest.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine/Sofie M.