Glad the weekend is here again. Fun.

by Kajsa Josephine

The reason why I don’t manage to update my blog on a daily basis is the fact that I don’t have a computer at the moment. For me who might be categorized as a computer addict it’s rather strange to go without.

At least I get rid off a bad habit.

This week’s gone by so fast. It’s like I’m still thinking it’s Monday but in fact it’s Friday. Today I know is gonna be a good day. No umbrella. No warm jackets. Just the wind blowing gently through the city.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit this week. Mostly about how to govern the world in different ways. Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant plays both vital roles in my learning curve.

Wonder how much I’ll have learned about Karl Marx when he seems to pop up every second of the day. Guess I’ll be reckoned an expert of a man I’d never thought I’d learn so much about.

Mostly because we seem to differ in opinions. But nevertheless it’s by getting to know different opinions I’ve learned that I grow the most.