Back in Gothenburg

by Kajsa Josephine

The weekend became quite eventful. My mom drove me to Gothenburg again. It’s good to be back again.

We went to the movies on Saturday here in Gothenburg. I’m very fortunate having the movie theatre as my dear neighbor. We watched “Larry Crowne” together.

I didn’t quite feel that the movie applied to my life situation but it was good to share the viewing experience with mom.

It’s odd when a few days feels like a lifetime. However it is true in my case. Those four and for me long days I’ve now been situated in Gothenburg contains so much. New friends, new roomies and new things to do.

I’m sure that I’ll enjoy Gothenburg this fall. Gothenburg is such a nice city to live in. Small but large enough to satisfy me. The city offers a lot that I like. For instance work-out options literally just outside my door.  Then there’s that Action Park where skaters do their best work as my favorite thing in the whole city.

In total it’s easy to feel at home here.  Anyway when the time is right for a move I’m glad that I chose Gothenburg for now.