Music of my heart

by Kajsa Josephine

Here it goes. A list containing some of my favorite tunes. I’m in a very soft mood these days. Don’t blame me. It goes hand in hand being happy.  Strolling along, getting dust on my running shoes I listened to Taylor Swift earlier. Odd how the short walk became so full of bliss. Like I was floating and resting on cotton candy. One kind of rush. The leaves still green suddenly gave me reason to believe that this bliss won’t end anytime soon.

Since I had such a joyous day it’s a no-brainer that I’d want to save this day and pile one as these into a heap of endlessness.  Well, I think some of the music on my heart-list will make sure of that. The rest is just a reminder of days filled with other things than bliss. Anyway, lets not focus on those for now. I’d like to stay in my bliss-bubble for as long as possible.