Dreaming of sandy beaches

by Kajsa Josephine

Now that summer is soon to be tucked neatly away I’d thought I’d think about beaches one last time. At least until I’m back sweating and smelling like coconut. Well the coconut part still goes on. Body butter is a nice replacement I’d say.

While dreaming away looking at properties I’d yet to afford. I stumbled upon a magazine called Ladies’ Home Journal. Recently they choose their top 10 American Beaches. Time will tell if you’ll see me walking on one of those and if you’re lucky I might carry a surfboard too. Well, really lucky. I’ve yet to actually touch one of those boards.

At the very least I’ve watched surf videos on YouTube.

To return to the selected beaches, here’s Ladies’ Home Journal Top 3

1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

2. Venice Beach, California

3. Santa Cruz, California

Among these I’d probably go with Santa Cruz, doesn’t it look cute and charming? Think this has the whole package. A sandy beach, crystalclear&blue waters and a rollercoaster or something in the background.

photography via: redbubble & globeimages