Trying out a wonderful recipe

by Kajsa Josephine

I was very disappointed about missing out on great food a couple of weekends ago. Especially Manuela who makes delicious cakes, cupcakes and more. She had a section on a food fair not far from where I’ve spent my summer.

Therefore on Saturday I turned my kitchen into a try-out-her-recipe-area. I made Vintage Vanilla Cupcakes. I’m of course talking about Passion4baking. Don’t think I’m the only Norwegian who’s checked out the website. For some reason I tried not to. Until my stubbornness took the best of me and my will-power vanished away.

Busy surrounded by baking bowls, butter, sugar and the rest of the ingredients I truly savored the moment.  At last I heard the calming sound of an oven-door opening, they were finished. With the humble amount of frosting on top I took a bite then another one. Because I discovered that it really wasn’t necessary to build a tower out of the frosting, just a stroke went a long way. The woman behind Passion4baking really knows her stuff. I’m even more tempted to try out more of her recipes, perhaps by Christmas and New Year’s I have to come up with a resolution in terms of cutting down on the baking projects.

Meanwhile I’ll let Atkins, weight watchers and other diets rest. Afterall the body needs its sugar.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine

Recipe: Vintage Vanilla Cupcakes