Weekend thoughts and enjoying it

by Kajsa Josephine

One thing I usually do every Saturday have to wait a year.  Through the summer I’ve spent them with my younger sister. Now that she’s far away and out of sight it’s a tad weird not keeping up.  Seems like I need to form new routines. I think that I’ll use the opportunity for mine own good.

Summer can’t last forever. I’m just glad that I got so many merry Saturday’s with her.  When she’s back we’ll have more merry Saturday’s I beat. In between I’ve got normality to return to. Something I look forward to, it’s good having breaks from normality. Anyway it’s normality that makes me appreciate long summer days.

What I’m sure of it pays off getting back to normality.

Tonight I’ll do something else for a change.

Photography by: Tove Carlsen