There is at least on bicycle in Norway (more in Beijing)

by Kajsa Josephine

Here’s a few photographs I took when I had a short break while biking yesterday. I’m very proud of myself for the progress. Believe me. People who are close to me have tried to encourage me for years. This proves that good things happen even if it takes awhile.

What differs this project from other work-out routines I’ve tried is something as simple as what I eat in between. While I before would write down and pay attention to what I’d eat, this time around I care little about it. If I want to eat cake or candy I do. I’ve eaten practically something unhealthy in a fortnight now. It’s great to feel less worried about what I eat.

Combined this week I’ve been on the bike at least 12, 5 miles (20km). For someone more evolved in the biking game it probably isn’t very far, anyway I have a philosophy that it’s better to do something than doing nothing at all.

Some fine day I’d like to bike longer distances. Meanwhile I’ll have to be patient.  It’s actually quite enjoyable to take in the scenery while pedaling.
Photography by: Kajsa Josephine