Lessons learned from 27 dresses

by Kajsa Josephine

While watching “27 Dresses” the other night I kept thinking about a few things. Katherine Heigl plays a character always trying to please. Never thinking about herself.  Somehow I find myself here and there following the same patterns. Perhaps you are doing the same.

There’s nothing wrong trying to delight people.  I’m just thinking that there is appropriate circumstances to do quite the opposite. Log onto your Facebook account and try noticing how others portray themselves. Are you noticing how perfect and happy everyone on your friend list are?

Not that’s totally wrong either. It’s just funny.  I’m no exception.  Like I’ve built up some sort of image I want people to connect me and place me in. Then it hit me while Katherine Heigl played out her character that perfect isn’t really a functional word in every life.  Count the days. I wouldn’t be surprised if you came up with a high number of days, ordinary days.

Nonetheless Facebook easily feels necessary. Like blogging, twitter and now we’ve got Google+ as the cherry on the cake. I might contradict myself here because I don’t plan on quitting blogging anytime soon.

Instead I like to believe in imperfection.

Photography by: Tove Carlsen