Berlin and its funny side, Hollywood glamour

by Kajsa Josephine

One place I visited in Berlin was this Sixty-ish restaurant. The place itself was a real treat. But the food on the other hand didn’t meet my expectations.  The only reason why I chose to eat her twice was the fun and colorful interior.

I had a fun time trying to turn on the jukebox. Put 1 Euro inside.  Then waiting impatiently to hear the music I’d picked. Only realizing afterwards that all the boxes were connected to one sound system. Well, I thought. Disappointed I walked out having heard nothing of my chosen ones.

But not as disappointed to entirely avoid the place.  Had I had company I’d be more than happy to spend an evening here. As it changed from a diner to a pub after twilight-hour.

And I loved the paintings of Marilyn Monroe and the likes inside the powder room.  I conclude that even though the food did nothing, the place itself pulled it up a notch. Hollywood is alive in Berlin.

Dining in Hollywood style

Photography by/via: Kajsa Josephine