New song soon arriving in the Music Showroom

by Kajsa Josephine

Now that September is on its way I’m now going to reveal the artist of that month. I’m always jumping from country to country in search of something good. Sergey Lazarev is not only extremely talented but also quite the treat look-wise. He is among my 3 favorite Russian males. Not that should be a measurement of course but it’s a bonus.

I own a couple of albums. The great thing about Sergey is his ability to perform in both Russian and English. For the most parts I listen to the English versions.  What I’d give if I’d contribute to an album. Do not think with my vocal talent. Because I wouldn’t enhance the listening experience. I think more of the lyrical work. I’d be delighted to work with such an amazing singer.  Well, let’s not get carried away and sail into dreamland.

Instead let’s wait till September and I’m sure your heart will beat just as mine when I add Sergey Lazarev to the Music Showroom. Meanwhile here’s a few personal photographs of him.

Photography via: Sergey Lazarev Official (Facebook)