What I’d do: if I was in Potsdam

by Kajsa Josephine

One thing I never got to do while I spent a short day in Potsdam in March this year was visiting Studio Babelsberg or more precisly Filmpark Babelsberg.  Naturally I was a couple of weeks too early in terms of opening hours. Of course I’d go if I’d actually managed to meet the specific dates the Filmpark keeps open.

The thing that draws me is the fact that a great amount of productions I’d thought Hollywood made Babelsberg do. Movies like Inglorious Basterds, The Bourne Supremacy and V for Vendetta all connects with Babelsberg. Who would have thought Hollywood so close to where I’m living now.  Well, I’m probably exaggerating. I’d have to board a plane or drive at least 8-12 hours. But it is much closer than Hollywood naturally.

Now writing this I’d be more than happy to be in Potsdam. Felt last time or the only time I’ve been there the hours went so fast, and I really didn’t get to do everything I planned. In the back of my mind the splendid cake I ate keeps working through my memory section.

Think I have to erase that cake-thought as quickly as possible. I’ve actually eaten cake every day since Thursday the previous week. It’s probably much more healthy to just enjoy Babelsberg and leaving all that looks cake-ish alone.  Lucky you if you are planning or actually am in and around Berlin as I write. Babelsberg is my unseen recommendation.

Have I mentioned that they also offers a wide range of European and Hollywood celebrities (among others) on the annual Bambi Awards? No, but they do. Babelsberg makes sure celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Sarah Jessica Parker are well-welcomed during the award ceremony.  Lets see if Babelsberg is the venue on the next occasion.

Photography via: freizeitspark, ad hoc news