Monday special: Fine places to dine

by Kajsa Josephine

Last weekend I spent a great deal of hours at fine places.  First I dined at Oslo Ladegård. It’s a stone-throw from the central station. Previously I thought it took ages to get there but I quickly learned “walking to the royal palace feels like a hike in compared.”

New parts of Oslo opens up and I’m glad that there still are plenty of adventures to experience, new areas to dive into and create new traditions. Funny thing while the company and I dined music from Øyafestivalen became a rather intrusive and mood-changing backdrop. Almost an archaic meets modern sense of feeling. I didn’t mind at all. Not often I get to enjoy the two things I love at once in such a manner. Normally a harp or a pianoforte might have felt more at place. Nevertheless it was very welcoming indeed. I wish for more opportunities to indulge in history while a contemporary impulse alter impressions into something new.

The other place of magnificence was a small cafe on the shores of Nesodden. More precisely Hellviktangen Kunstcafe. Had it only been a little less out of my way I’d be more than happy to eat there every Sunday. I loved the seaside, the white exterior and the view towards Oslo.  A view like never before. Oslo in totally new perspectives.

Perhaps one day I’ll afford to spend every weekend in this manner.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine (Oslo Ladegård Photography 1&2, Hellviktangen Kunstcafe Photography 3)