My gem: a house in Wannsee, Germany

by Kajsa Josephine

A great way to spend a vacation in my opinion is tracking down sightseeing spots of historical importance, the ones that really changed the course of history.  While I was in Germany a few months ago I did exactly what I wrote. I tracked down the Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz.  Instantly while opening the gate mixed emotions ran through. How could such a pretty stone-building happily situated on the shores of an equally astonishing lake be the place of unwelcoming ideas.

Even more. Many school students were filling out assignments sheets and shifting place. They created a very soft touch to every room. For those of you who don’t know. This mansion was used during World War Two to discuss the sensitive topic concerning the Jews, and it was here the finalization of “the final solution” took place.

Although it gave little proof of such mind-sets now was it very calming to see that the rooms now were of other use.  Like it gave room for positive energy and youthful spirits. Just a shift of thoughts.

To my surprise this “small”  but yet grand house cost nothing at all, it was totally free of charge.  And just a short trip with the S-bahn from Berlin.

Photograpby by/via: Kajsa Josephine