The story of something: perfect, yet a Dreamy situation

by Kajsa Josephine

Ended a very rainy and cold day entertaining myself with a rather silly but heart-warming movie yesterday.  There are those days when I demand softness and chilling vibes.  More thorough a movie that I know is built up by a familiar theme and that don’t come with a get frightened warning.

I had a date with Patrick Dempsey, I prefer him in a tux instead of his medical uniform. Very nice to keep on watching how he managed his duty as “Made of Honor.”  I’m not going to leave spoilers but the general theme was built on combining two continents or countries, USA and Scotland.

While watching I kept thinking what if someone could pull the two continents together! Make them one! There are things I cherish from both.  I adore Europe for its diversity,  vastness of languages and the subjective sense that people loves to discuss topics thoroughly.

Then there’s USA who I adore because there it’s okay being clothed to be seen.  Or to wake up getting ready, look yourself in the mirror and get down to a local Starbucks. Ordering your speciality.  Blow, sip and get to work.  I absolutely love how busy and diligent Americans are. Work ethics in motion.

At the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah

Well in a perfect world I’d get it all, I’d get Europe, I’d get USA. But then again we wouldn’t have movies like “Made of Honor” if the world was perfect. 

Photography via: exposay, my.opera Photography by: Lene Botolfsen