The purpose of: my Music Showroom

by Kajsa Josephine

I’ve created a Music Showroom with the purpose to showcase the songs I really dig every month. Since I know people have busy schedules I like to think that there is time at least for one song in each of our 12 months.

So far I’ve inducted Camilla Fredrikke, Tyler Hilton and now Tommy Fredvang to my very informal “Hall of fame.”

The reason why I want to include music to my blog is that somehow it speaks a language any human is capable to understand.  All in all it really is of little importance the language used to get a specific message across.

I like to believe that you can create miracles in those minutes you sing or play.

Nothing is impossible, there is hope in every word, chord and string.

I’ll be happy to share the beautiful music with you, and I’ll be happy if you swing by the Music Showroom once in a while.

Camilla Fredrikke, Photography by: Heidi Mary Andersen

Tyler Hilton

Tommy Fredvang

Photography via: fanpop & Aftenbladet