The diary of a: New-found bike passionista

by Kajsa Josephine

Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that being fit don’t come free.  Usually I would avoid any hard form of exercise, you would probably recognize me as a membership holder of a gym. Then in reality have no fixed schedule or work-out planner.  Rather I would go and just start with an available apparatus, if that was the treadmill or the rowing machine it really didn’t matter.  I remember when I felt tired I would say “well, at least I did something today.”

Now I’ve turned the table.  Dusted off my younger sister’s bike. Of course I’ve written about my bike adventures in earlier posts. It’s just so rewarding to have discovered this form of exercise. I’m no Cadel Evans or Thor Hushovd just yet, still it’s truly fun to bike alongside cars on the freeway. I never thought I’d get there.

So far I’ve done 4 bike rides in a week. There is always suitable times to brag about accomplishments and believe me when I say this is an appropriate one.

Here’s me after a round on a rather rainy day, of course I’m always aware of my safety. Therefore I always wear a helmet, when I can I like to be a good role model. Even though the helmet might be a tad small.  In about a year or so if I keep on progressing I might be more of  a fun-ride alongside Thor Hushovd. Right now I’m not even a qualified rider to help the main rider. Well, I guess like alpine skiing that you have to slide down the easier slopes in the beginning.

Photography by: Tove Carlsen