A few thoughts about clothes and fashion

by Kajsa Josephine

Another blog I regularly read is kept by a Norwegian fashion stylist. Mari Haugersveen. She also appears on a reality show with her significant other. That’s not the reason why I bring her up, I just wanted to tell you this because I happened to see her walking into the mall at Aker Brygge some days ago.

With everything going on in Norway on a more serious note it suddenly was kept in the shadows.  A great deal of time has been devoted in trying to understand, grasp and educate myself enough to be able to comprehend everything.  Think more time needs to be invested though.

As I was out and about today to buy something I thought today I want to focus on something I actually comprehend. The sight of her and getting new updates from her blog was something in that direction.  The idea of fabric and creating something of it, yes that was the pleasant mind-intruder I needed.

The thing about wearing clothes is such a nice retreat somehow. I’ve learned that it doesn’t take an expensive brand to feel happy, it’s simply having opportunities to wear what you have inside your closet or if dreams allow it, a walk-in closet.

Here I’m wearing an old jacket by Mexx (bought in Riga, Latvia on a sale), a pair of jeans from the US (very cheap, around $26), necklace by Gina Tricot (another great discount bargain,$5,2) and the only new item, the animal-printed top (of course a discount bargain).

Before I would apply tons of make-up on but this summer I’ve kept it on a minimum. It’s taken some time getting used to the idea and the photography below is no difference.

Photography via: dagbladet

Photography by: Tove Carlsen