20 questions stolen from Bethany Joy Galeotti

by Kajsa Josephine

One of the blogs I always swing by is the one kept by Bethany Joy Galeotti (for those of you who don’t watch One Tree Hill…..she is Haley James Scott 😉 ). Among her posts a friend of hers answered 20 questions. Since I have some time at hand today I wanted to answer the same 20 questions.

1. Were you named after anyone? Perhaps a couple of great-great-grandma’s or so. I actually applied for the name  Josephine as a middle name when I was 14. Application granted.

2. Do you like your handwriting? My handwriting is what I would call unique. I’m the only one who is able to decipher it.  Think the apple fell far from the tree in compared to mom’s.

3. What would your superpower be if you could choose one? Time travel. Perhaps not the typical superpower.

4. Are you an optimist or pessimist? Optimist

5. What do you collect? Coins, recipes, travel memories.

6. What movie would your friends be surprised that you like? Don’t really know. Usually I watch movies in all sorts of genres.

7. What are your favorite smells? Lavender.  Also the smell of winds coming from the sea.

8. Coffee or Tea? Tea in bountiful amounts

9. Wine or Beer? Neither

10. What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten? Where?  Hard to say.  Perhaps the Creme Brulee at my sister’s wedding. It was made by a famous chef. Let me tell you he really set the bar high.

11. Mac or PC? Mac, although I’ve never owned one.

12. What are you listening to right now? Unheilig, Silbermond, Hurts, Tyler Hilton, Atle Pettersen, Marina & The Diamonds to name a few.

13. What career would you pursue in another life?  Doctor perhaps, then I wouldn’t be as embarrassed by my grades in maths 😉

14. What sound or voice do you love?  An airplane ready to depart.

15. What sound or voice do you hate? Following up on the last question. Baggage claim machines. At least at the place of origin.

16. Mountains or beach? Beach

17. Cook or Bake? Once in a while I like to turn the kitchen into a working station with projects.

18. Do you go to the movies or restaurants by yourself? Yes

19. What is your favorite fairytale? Cinderella. Tarzan too, another kind of fairytale

20. What would you tell the 13-year-old you?  There’s nothing wrong going your own way, life is all about finding that special path destined just for you.  No path looks the same. Just continue be attentive and read any book you find worth reading.  Someday that knowledge will come in handy.

Photography by: Sofie M.