In search for: The dress

by Kajsa Josephine

Today I simply desire only one thing. To slip into a gorgeous dress. We’ve had a few warm days now until now, when the rain decided to pour out.  What makes summer my favorite season alongside spring are bountiful days of dressing up.  Every opportunity that arises without having items like warm sweaters, scarfs and mittens accompanied I prefer.

Personally I’ve never been the kind of woman who likes to wear socks or stockings even when it’s necessary.  Since I haven’t had a vacation this summer abroad have I tried to pretend at home. Could be  a summer dress or denim shorts, just the idea of wearing something more suited on a Greek or Turkish adventure.

While I was dreaming away, looking at clothes I discovered this great line from H&M. I would have had little will-power if I’d tried anything on.

Photography & Items via: H&M

Quick Design by: Kajsa Josephine