In support of the Norwegian tragedy

by Kajsa Josephine

As a Norwegian in Norway I’m pretty shaken up over the violence that took place on Utøya and in Oslo City Centre.  It’s still feels very surreal. Norway as many fellow Norwegians say is usually very safe. I’m very glad that our Prime Minister and our King both share the same perspective. That democracy and freedom of speech are worth defending even now right after, yes, it’s hard to talk about what happened.

I’ve asked myself what if I could have done something? Or what I possibly can do to at least be of somewhat help.  And right now I think I can’t do much, other than be supportive.  I think this is the time to rise above any person who acts beneath the human nature in regards to compassion.

Whatever went through the offenders mind and through actions let our mind be directed towards the ones in need of support. It’s of course alright to be angry and upset, I’m having a hard time and would lie if I said I weren’t angry too.

But somewhere along the way that anger can never mend the hearts of people whom loved ones are lost. Instead embrace people who deserves a hug or someone to talk with.

I cherish Norway for its diversity. And hopefully it’ll continue this way. There is power in being together in support of democracy.

I want to dedicate this post to everyone that had part in this on the victim-side.