Scandinavian kitchen: Kladdkaka

by Kajsa Josephine

Kladdkaka is one true Swedish treat. After living in Sweden a year I made sure the freezer had sweet guests once in a while. This cake was of course a natural choice. Grocery stores usually sell already made cakes which makes it even easier to prepare. One minute or so in the microwave and that’s it.

But that’s of course when time isn’t at hand, if you have time it’s actually not a huge effort. Kladdkaka is probably one of the friendliest cakes I’ve made, even though I’ve ruined a couple. To be fair it isn’t the most clever idea to let it cool on the warm oven top.

Do like me and let Sweden be your theme if you are a sweet tooth like me. This is a safe and delicious classic requiring only the basic ingredients, things you probably already have stored.

Photography via: jagheterisabella

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Translated from Swedish to English by: Kajsa Josephine