Norwegian Tuesday: with Anastacia

by Kajsa Josephine

Take notice: this can’t be found in any magazine, I just practice my writing/design skills. However the facts are true šŸ˜‰

You are probably questioning my title but I allowed myself that liberty. Anastacia after all performs on Norwegian soil for one night, only. Somehow I reminisce back on fumbling attempts of finding my kind of music when I was younger. Her songs repeatedly colored the mixed tapes I made. Wow, talking about mixed tapes sounds archaic.

Nostalgic also perhaps, I remember being rather frustrated when I pushed the record button way slow. Naturally it felt like light-years in waiting before another opportunity came forth. The audience who are going to enjoy Anastacia now are very lucky, she comes without a record button.

For safety measuresĀ Anastacia performs August 20th at GamleĀ Kirkeplass, Drammen.

Layout & Text: Kajsa Josephine

Photography via: