The start of a week: with Hurts, a couple of fashionable lads

by Kajsa Josephine

Take notice: this can’t be found in any magazine, I just practice my writing/design skills. However the facts are true 😉

By chance I bought their record in my favorite music store in Berlin this March.  I had heard little of them but took a major risk by buying a copy of “Happiness” unheard.

At home where I previously lived I lit some candles, turned on “Happiness” and just felt instantly “this was a successful trade.” There was nowhere I rather be than let the lyrics sift through my body and think of “Happiness.”  Where that “Happiness” was at that point thinking back of the peaceful minutes in the music store. A place of great findings.

Photography via: fanpop

Layout & Text by: Kajsa Josephine

Source: Hurts official