What to wear: fashion for celebrities

by Kajsa Josephine

I felt inspired on Sunday evening to create a special layout about fashion.  It was rather challenging to get the pieces together. Especially since it’s ages ago that I worked with special programs designed for such projects.

I’ve always liked to experiment with different styles and patterns.  When I was in primary school I wore a floral dress to a flea market. The dress soon became a favorite. I wanted to wear it all the time.  Now that I think about it I still keep a floral dress in my closet. Bought in a vintage store in Gothenburg.  It already hung in the fitting room when I was about to try on something else.  You guessed correct I left the store with the floral dress inside a yellow plastic bag.

But that’s of course another story, the leading actress today is my fashion layout.

Layout by: Kajsa Josephine

Photography & inspiration via: People Magazine