For you: some personal reflections

by Kajsa Josephine

Julia Roberts just radiance flawlessness on her journey through food, meditation and love.  Eat, Pray, Love. Three words when combined creates depth and meaning. Life in general. Somehow or somewhere people passes different stages of just life.  In what way are of course very multituded.

If I had made a list of what I want to accomplish when I was a teenager I don’t think it would’ve matched the one I keep now.  Which is more than fine. I’ve began to cherish the wait for the unknown, taking things day by day. Not worrying too much. I used to be such a planner.  Friends of mine have listened to my endless dreams about going here and there.

Writing about it now makes me think of how important it is to live for now.  There’s always a day tomorrow but that’s of little importance now.  The more I think of this the happier I get. Mainly because I’m very glad I still have lots of places, people and food I want to taste.  Smell life and hear people chatter away.  Very glad that the opportunities are still on the market, only waiting for the right moment to make a bid.

Photography by: An Egyptologist (Personal file)