A slogan is born: I can, you can

by Kajsa Josephine

Ever since four guys now more evolved into men came through my television it’s been quite the thrill to rediscover them again this year. Where has time flown meanwhile? They look just as handsome as before.There are of course a couple that makes me even more interested just looking, don’t think that’s odd. You might have the rest. I’m more than happy to share.

With anticipation and excitement I turned on the television yet again only a few years older, and there they were again. I can, I will. Some powerful lyrics. If you have managed to take a guess, it’s the wonderful Blue I’m all for at the moment.

I cannot get enough of the song. If they had been a bit more on-tune they would’ve reached even higher at Eurovision. Because I’m very sure that you like me feels very inspired and gets the self-esteem going by listening to I Can, I Will on repeat.  There is no wrong to shine and stand out. Join me in a summer with this slogan: I Can, You Can!

Photography & Design by: Kajsa Josephine