Here goes to: a virtual apartment hunt

by Kajsa Josephine

These past few days I’ve gone in the English direction.  In terms of entertainment and to be honest I have not been enjoying any historical drama this time around.  A fine collection of youth living & breathing in Essex has been the source of relaxation.

Quite serious it’s been the best medicine against school sickness.  While I was eating breakfast this morning I began thinking how cool it would’ve been having an apartment in England, preferably London. 

Be aware I don’t have money for it, but a girl can have her dreams intact don’t you think? Me with my “Queen’s English” (or so I’ve been told) would’ve been a nice addition. So why don’t you come with me on a virtual apartment hunt. There’s a proper thing to do on such a cloudy day.

Here’s a peek of one apartment I found around Lancaster Gate for sale. I really like this one.  Think I’ll be spending the day in bed while dreaming away.

 Photography via (Source): Foxtons