What’s for dinner: a taste of India

by Kajsa Josephine

Something must be going in the right direction, was on an hour bike ride today. Very pleased of my progress. Afterwards I quickly stirred together a very simple Indian dish.

I didn’t have everything that the recipe required. Anyway I thought why not replace items with things I actually have.

Where the recipe said shrimp I said tuna.  Turning this into a tuna pilaf.  Seafood taste seafood to me.  A well-trained chef might correct me on this, but anything that comes from sea taste exactly somewhat sea-ish.

Here’s mine dish

Raisins, pineapples, eggs, tunafish, rice and spices. Seems like an odd mix. And let me tell you combining everything together on the fork created a taste explosion. Some bits tasted dessert like some kind of pancake and other times I actually felt the dinner flavors steam through.

To finish here’s the evidence that I actually ate up the entire bowl and let me tell you I enjoyed the food!

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine

Source:  Indisk! – Schibsted Publishing Company