On a good Tuesday: in the world of Jane Austen

by Kajsa Josephine

I promised you more posts about the wonderful Jane Austen.  There was another story planned for today but I think it can rest for now.  As I told you on the previous post I’ve read approximately everything she wrote. Except for Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey.  A very natural excuse why I haven’t read the first is the simple fact that I watched the movie first.  In the book there are two men trying to court Marianne Dashwood, obviously the movie also portrays the same.

To reminisce : tucked in my blanket, having a nice treat on one side and hoping that the first man who courted her Mr. Willoughby would be the man.  Feeling the pulse drop extensively when the like of Christopher Brandon enter a room.  Every bone in my body hoped that somewhere along Marianne wouldn’t end up with Brandon.  Let me therefore tell you that the only reason why I wished on such an outcome was the age difference.  Remember I was very young. Somewhere inside it felt wrong.

This emotion made it hard getting on with the book. I couldn’t just take the characters playing the different roles out of my head.  Perhaps that’s changed over the course of the years.  In fact I haven’t watched the movie in some time either.   Also gaining new perspectives might make it more easy to look for more depth and stances.

Marianne Dashwood & Mr. Willoughby

Marianne Dashwood & Charles Brandon

Photography via My Jane Austen Book Club & My Austen Dreamworld