On a humid Friday: Postcard from Hurghada

by Kajsa Josephine

Just about when I thought summer was here it turns the other way.  Think the best way is to stay positive. Eventually it’ll come.  While the rain is here I’ll continue my hotel review project. This time from a small fishermen’s town along the coast of the Red Sea.  Already when I arrived I sensed a mistake. Had booked what I thought was a four-star resort.  But in reality must be more in the two-stars range.

I haven’t felt more cold than right here. The hairdryer, shower, the room. I literally had to sleep with tons of blankets. Not to mention how easy it was to damage the security chain on the door.  When I ate at the only restaurant around forks, knives and spoons made music when the waiters let them fall to the ground.  The food was also not good.  I only ate rolls, some rice and cucumber at the end.  Since the resort was in the middle of nowhere this restaurant was the only option.  Let me tell you that the nearest shopping mall was 3.7 miles away and me travelling solo, you get the picture. I didn’t want to make that walk.  On the serious side a visit to the neighboring pharmacy was more than enough for me.  It is quite noticeable that the sales technique differ a lot from what I’m accustomed with.

The positive was in reality the company I got here. I spent the week with a lovely Norwegian woman and her relative. We had lots of fun times while eating and tanning. Well in my case with my light skin, participated.  I guess you all get the picture, this is a no-no resort. I would never book this again.

New Year's Dinner

Around the resort area

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine

Resort: Grand Seas Resort Hostmark Hurghada