On a sunny Thursday: just soaking it in

by Kajsa Josephine

Thank you Russian 30 Seconds to Mars forum. It was a real treat to stumble upon your link to my site this morning.  Makes an already splendid day in the sun even better.  June is now switching gears blessing the end of the month with good weather.  All of a sudden there’s no need for vacation activities suited for fall.  Which by the way is something I wish could be the norm for the rest of the summer.

Rode the bike for the first time yesterday.  Seems like I’m not in such bad shape after all. Rather impressed that I didn’t get off uphill.  Perhaps another round is the perfect suggestion to enjoy the sun even more.  Initially I would’ve liked another day with music but I guess I can’t have it all. After all I have something in the back-pocket in August. Something I really look forward till. Only revealing that it is with my best friend whom lives far, far away.

In the mean time I have a cousin Camilla Fredrikke who is about to release her first single on Itunes tomorrow, probably only in Norway. I’m very impressed how things go her way these days. From participating in different talent competitions here in Norway and now ready to embark on her own. Such makes me proud. Camilla Fredrikke is for sure someone to keep an eye on.

Photography by: Heidi Mary Andersen