On a Wednesday: recently returned from a festival

by Kajsa Josephine

Drove all night home from the festival.  Am still pretty tired but really content with the music.  The venues were happily situated on an Island in the forest.  You had to walk some to get there. I’m glad I didn’t forget anything in the car.

It all began at 5PM and lasted until midnight. A few hours packed with great American bands. Among those an hour with Jared Leto.  He was quite the energy machine up there on the stage. Inviting more than 20 people to come join him. One smart idea. While this happened the crowd swung from side to side, at one point I almost tripped.

From Jimmy Eat World, passing through an All Time Low, to the mentioned 30 Seconds to Mars the day reached its final destination. Linkin Park. Which bounded to be a superb experience. I lost my brother for a while but met someone who knew someone I knew. Every person around sang, jumped up and down. The perfect ending.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine (Hovefestivalen)