On a Wednesday evening: awaits a music festival

by Kajsa Josephine

I’m taking a few days off blogging now.  Next week I’m heading down south on a music festival. I’ll tell you all about it afterwards of course. With a solemn vow that there are some big headliners on the table.  My whole is excited.

For now I look forward to more days in the garden eating, reading and just enjoying myself.  Unplugged from worries.  Paulo Coelho awaits patiently.  Just began reading The Zahir.  So far a great novel.  If only I could persuade myself investing more time to finish.  Have a pushing deadline before I have to deliver it back. Now that blogging is off the table for a while it might become an even easier task.

I wish you great summer days ahead. I’ll enclose my favorite Scandinavian songs at the moment. They all makes it easy being happy spending summer within Scandinavia.

  1. Joey Moe – Du’ en ener
  2. Xander – Det burde ikke være sådan her
  3. Atle Pettersen – Shine
  4. Veronica Maggio – Välkommen in
  5. Maria Mena – This Too Shall Pass

Photography by Kajsa Josephine