On a Tuesday: Dessert on the menu

by Kajsa Josephine

All of a sudden and without any warning I was in a mood to make something yesterday. Inside my mind every cell brainstormed together. Then while I was leafing through a small-sized recipe book, of course chocolate being the lead figure, I stopped at a rather simple cupcake recipe.  Just the thing I was in the mood for. I quickly searched the fridge and the cupboards for ingredients. Happy to find everything.  For this particular recipe I replaced wheat flour, milk and sugar with plain sifted spelt, rice milk and healthier sugar, if that are two words that goes together.

The recipe consisted of 1oo grams of room-tempered butter,100 grams sugar, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp rice milk, 50 grams chocolate drops, 150 grams spelt flour , 1 1/2 ts baking powder, 25 grams cocoa powder. I gently mixed everything together, butter & sugar with an electric appliance, also the eggs and milk. Then chocolate drops (my case grated chocolate), and ending with the dry ingredients, all with a plastic spatula.  When I was done I took no more than a table-spoon of batter into each cup. To finish off I placed them in the middle of the oven for about 10 minutes. (180 degrees)

If you feel the batter is on the dry side add more fluid, or the contrary add more flour. Mine came out a tad dry. Or if you want to use wheat flour, plain milk. Just go for it.

Voila! The simplest dessert of them all. Be free to add your own personal touches and toppings. I topped mine with butter cream frosting. Really simple and delicious. Bon Appetite.

Photography & Styling by: Kajsa Josephine

Source: Den lille kokebokserien – Sjokolade, Spektrum Publishing Company