Music Monday: A Danish wonderboy

by Kajsa Josephine

I began this past weekend in Oslo with a good friend of mine.  For the first time ever I was clothed for comfort instead of style.  A couple of sweaters, a rain coat and comfy jeans bought cheap in Orem, Utah. As it is a common occurrence of rain. The occasion was a free concert held annually by the Norwegian Broadcast Company (NRK) and the newspaper VG.  Every single year I try my best to attend in person and luckily I made it this year.  Among the performers my personal Danish favorite Rasmus Seebach took the stage and the way he did it was absolutely perfect. He should have had more than one song if you ask me. I like how he always shares of himself, either through lyrics or by stage presence.  I personally think very subjectively him the best Scandinavian act at the moment.  My cousin in Denmark made me aware of him during fall 2009 but I never thought he would become so popular as he is.  It is therefore extremely fun to experience a wonderful story of success.

The special thing about the event was that Chris Medina performed too. He brings forth a truly special story, anyhow Rasmus Seebach managed to shine just as much.  Not that I’m surprised. I attended a concert in Gothenburg where Rasmus Seebach performed and oh my it didn’t take long before I was one of those screaming girls upfront. We were a nice mixture of different age groups. Perhaps that’s why he has become this major star.  That the diversity in his songs is the key factor. There is something to like for everyone.  What I am absolutely positive about I haven’t stopped listening to him, this only enhanced his shining star.

Rasmus Seebach

Photography by Kajsa Josephine (Gothenburg Concert)