Travel Friday: one of the seven wonders of the world

by Kajsa Josephine

For those of you acquainted with Karl Pilkington and his travel show about the seven wonders of the world I agree in some extent on his observations.  I don’t remember the exact quote but he talked some about how travelling is supposed to broaden your mind. Instead it might do the exact opposite.  Or that a specific sightseeing spot don’t live up to expectations.  Out of respect I’ll avoid any funny remark equivalent to Karl, he is simply blessed with a smart sense of humor.  Don’t think a vacation with him is of the boring kind.  The Taj Mahal, the Mayan Pyramids or the Great Wall of China would of course be put into different light.

Of all the seven wonders he travelled far and wide to I’ve only paid visit to one.  The trip along the trail to Machu Picchu is not something I consider to be honest as I write.  My physic is of the lazy kind, I reckon myself pleased by an hour walk.  Some hours on the treadmill or out running would be necessary I’m sure. To get back to the wonder I’ve visited, he made some funny remarks while being at the Giza Plateau, he was simply not prepared on all the garbage.  Well, I did experience the same, the thing I was taken back on was the amount of sales persons. Don’t think you could walk around the pyramids in peace and quiet. It was quite a fun experience actually and if I can’t say “no, thanks” in arabic by now I have little memory.  A couple of well-used words. Overall it wasn’t such a bad experience, the thing I remember the most was simply being tired as crazy. 45 miles (Norwegian ones) from Hurghada to Cairo during night-time in the Eastern Desert proved to be the one thing that made me a little out of focus to really benefit from the sightseeing.

Photography by: Kajsa Josephine

Photography via: Private Collection

Source: An Idiot Abroad TV Show