Food Thursday: after a family celebration

by Kajsa Josephine

Just come home from yet another library rendezvous.  Among the four books I took home one is written by a Norwegian chef Ole Martin Alfsen.  He is also the man who either appraise or critic the participants on the tv-show “ dinners,” here four celebrities meet to compete in creating the best menu. The book itself reveals 109 advice how to succeed in the kitchen.  One advice is that you don’t need fancy utensils, and that you don’t need to lay down energy in decorating the dinner table equivalent to restaurants. The most important thing is the atmosphere, the right atmosphere is not to be confused with one found at eating places.

There is a special atmosphere at home and Ole Martin puts great emphasize on this exact topic.  I’m glad he mentions this due to the variety of food shows on television.  As brought up he contributes on such a show where the focus is on just restaurant quality at home. I feel relieved that the pressure is off my shoulders and that every day food measures up.  Good to know that I don’t have to invent something new at all times. It is also safe to say that Ole Martin would be satisfied with the barbeque my family had on the back deck yesterday. We were gathered to celebrate my sister who turned another year.  Homemade bread, burgers, hot dogs and salad.  Yes I think the atmosphere was there and that Ole Martin would’ve smiled on his way home.

Photography by: Tove Carlsen

Food by:  Thomas Røsaker

Source: Ole Martins Beste tips – Press Publishing Company