On a Wednesday evening: having “breakfast” at Tiffany’s

by Kajsa Josephine

I spent the 25 minutes by train today in company with Holly Golighty. Not in person of course but you get the picture. It was wonderful to escape with her.  The minutes swiftly ran.  But wouldn’t they with such a lively character? I think so. There are no minutes left for boredom.

With her and her friends who wouldn’t have enjoyed a nice breakfast at Tiffany’s. I know I would.

I think there are too few excuses or occasions dressing up like her.  Just to decorate the neck full of pearls, take a pair of stilettos and slide inside a black dress.  I think I have to be satisfied with the thought this evening.  Perhaps I get an excuse soon enough.

Photos via The fabulous Audrey Hepburn & Kamilla Harris Photography