On a Tuesday: Homemade pasta

by Kajsa Josephine

Now that summer is slowly returning to normal again there are opportunities to sit outside and eat again.  Last week was a rough one in Norway, it rained and rained. Some places experienced flooding and still does. I consider myself one lucky woman who sits inside a house free of mud and water.  Hopefully for those who don’t help must come.

With this in mind I felt fortunate who could experiment in the kitchen. Yesterday I jumped into the Italian field. Homemade pasta to be precise. Ever since I discovered spelt through my mom I’ve strived to exchange ordinary  flour.  My homemade pasta was therefore made with spelt. I used a little over 100 grams of spelt and roughly two eggs.   No salt or oil.  With spelt that I placed on a table I dug a deep hole in the middle and cracked an egg.  Poured it into the pit. At this point the fun began.  Flour and egg creates a great glue, you should have seen my hands. Felt like I was in kindergarten all over again.

When the flour and egg had combined properly,  I did add some more flour and egg to the dough (here my second egg plays a part) to get it perfect.  I then placed it covered in film in the fridge. While it rested for an hour I listened to Murat Boz, a great Turkish artist. Since I’m in summer mood I make sure to play songs that reminds of just that. I encourage you to dance while the dough rests.  When the hour had passed I took it out, rolled it out and cut small strips. You are free to create whatever you want to do, tagliatelle or anything else. Rustic is the key word.  I finished my work by boiling my homemade pasta for about 2 minutes in salted water.

Voila! I poured lots of olive oil, sprinkled basil, chopped a few cherry tomatoes and topped it with ham as decoration. The portion I made is more than enough for two. My inspiration and guide was non other than Jamie Oliver.  His book The Naked Chef became my source.

Bon Appetite!

Photography & styling by Kajsa Josephine