Almost weekend: time for a classical tune and more

by Kajsa Josephine

Played with my adorable niece yesterday. She develops quickly into a girl with her own will and interests. We enjoyed a fine 30 or 40 minutes of classical music. Händel, Beethoven, Mozart and Grieg were our classical meal.  Such a delight to watch her respond. She didn’t mind giving me the red light if the music fell short.  But then she was eager to show appreciation too.  Especially Grieg gave positive results.  Funny, she proves to be the Norwegian she is.  A very bright Norwegian I have to add. Already speaking a few Russian words.  It’s good to know she’ll be alright on a vacation to any country who speaks Russian.

When I watch her it’s easy to reminisce back and wonder was I this bright? Or was I slowly developing? I don’t think the question is easy to answer. I think there are different stages for everyone.  What I appreciate is that it’s never to late for new-beginnings or discovering new fields of interest. From personal experiences I’ll respond. My mom from an early stage brought me to the library and this was the seed.  Now many years later I still spend hours there, hence creating a stronger root.  One example occurred when I was about 13 or 14 in Junior High travelled to Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany to get familiarized with World War Two sites. In a haste I rushed to the library to educate myself. What I learned was valuable, and still is. From this I planted a seed into the ground, nourished it and it grew. It still does and hopefully it will continue.

For you here are some pictures from my trip to Berlin.  Portraying the local synagogue. I never had time to go inside.  But I have visited one in Oslo. Which was absolutely amazing.  The synagogue below marks the beginning of a series of houses of worship I’ll post here.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine