Wednesday mornings: enhances the educated mind

by Kajsa Josephine

Yesterday evening I indulged myself with the second disc I borrowed from the library.  It surrounded six women and the complete works of Jane Austen. Throughout the movie the books gave insight on how the characters used them for their own benefit.  Just what I needed, a nice movie about personal relationships and don’t you agree with me that any book by Jane Austen is worth attention? I’ve read all but one or two. Pride and Prejudice keeps a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s the time I’ve devoted to Elizabeth Bennett that makes it special.  I’ve followed her four times on her rocky romance with Mr. Darcy and it is a wonder how the story gets me, it’s the same sentences I read but depending on life circumstances they apply differently. Every time. Some sentences I cannot come quick enough to, others dread reading.

19th century fashion

All in all underneath the formalities and greetings there are natural relationships, a mother that wants the best for her daughters. A father worrying how to financially support the family. Sisterly bonds challenged through quarrels but still conserves affection towards each other. Underneath this and the romance there is life, just as alive as found today.  Perhaps she wrote the books to color her life as well. Who knows. I’ve always thought Jane Austen lived like a fairytale to write such novels. While watching the movie I began thinking that she might have written the books because she also had lots of ordinary days. Her way coloring them was through her magical use of words.

Jane Austen

For you here is a glimpse of myself in a Jane Austen inspired dress that I drew.  Felt like a queen the day I wore it.

Photography via nattbordet & vukizzle

The last one is taken by an acquaintance