First day of proper summer: still work to be done

by Kajsa Josephine

The day began with writing my final paper for the semester. Perfect I would say, the clouds lay heavy this morning.  Grey almost dark clouds.  A tiny drop of rain, two drops turning into three, four, five, more and more drops broke through.  While I sat in the middle of it all in deep concentration, totally soaked up in course literature. Only when I was about to open the white door that separates our small courtyard (well, not a courtyard per se but just think of it as one) and the hall, a thin wet layer covered the grey bricks that dad arranged with the help of me, the help I offered that summer involved loads of ice cream. Not a bad summer for a young girl.

Now when I think of it, shouldn’t summer be just like it? Easy, inexpensive, lots of cheer and glee.  Funny enough, that contradicts the essence of me. Here I’ve been strolling along, borrowed books about destinations, read while gazing at the people walking by. Well, I’ve always been a restless soul. I think the minute I started walking I began exploring, my mom had to buy something to tie me to the stroller if not she would have a hard time finding me, perhaps behind a counter, rack or just about anywhere.  I don’t think I have changed much. The sound of airports gives me utter bliss.

And of course spending time in bookshops before departure. Today, I travelled by car to the nearest library and I found the kind of book that would’ve kept me busy on a plane.  By opening it certain advice shone through how to properly take use.

Do not touch it with wet or dirty hands

Do not take it out without protection during rain or snow

Do not write or draw in it

Do not bend the pages

A lot Do Not’s. I’ll add something more to the list

Make sure it gets shown around a cafe, bench or a park. Perhaps there is something left of me of that young girl.  A worriless girl that still cherries summers without stress and time to relax.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine (Sognsvann, Oslo and Fredrikstad, Norway)