A summer day : on the Scandinavian Peninsula

by Kajsa Josephine

A calm Sunday was just the thing I needed. I dipped my feet into warm water. While the water rose, I just leaned back and thought at last freedom. I’ve been under duress the past month.  Both with an enormous project about the Swedish Church and trying to squeeze in time to pack.  It’s an achievement that I made it through.  I’m rather pleased actually.

Yesterday was also such a day it was just bliss to go up in the attic, getting hold of a well-used sunbed, taking it downstairs in the garden and put on some sunscreen.  Sipping water warmed by the sun, reading a couple of Norwegian newspapers.  After a year in Sweden do I feel the urge to read up on important news and practice my mother tongue again.  Some might perhaps take notice of the last sentence but it is true.  There is neglection from my part, and my written work needs attention.

Anyway, with a summer ahead in Norway that begun on Friday I’m sure that I’ll write perfect Norwegian again.  In between it was a pleasurable ride along the Swedish West Coast home. My mom picked me up in Gothenburg  and we did a bit of summer sightseeing. A lovely park, a fortress and cheap Greek fast food were all on our tour menu.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine