On a Monday : Gorgeous photography from Asia

by Kajsa Josephine

Remember I told you about the art gallery I’ve fallen in love with in Gothenburg? And the book containing wonderful photography of architecture from the Soviet era? Well, if you do. As I’m sure of. Let me take you back to the amazing art gallery and my favorite bookstore. Which by the way happens to be a great place to be  while the rain pours out.

Let me tell you I moved four hours south thinking here summer must come earlier. But oh no, the rain is a friend I’m familiarized with. However, it gives me lots of opportunities to find new and existing books. This time a great masterpiece I would say, containing photography and small fragments of text. I would dare saying that it is tempting to take it home, with that buy my favorite German cookies and enjoy a hot cup of tea while these pictures takes me somewhere.


Photography by Tito Dalmau