On a Sunday : Home is where the heart is

by Kajsa Josephine

As of today I’ve come a bit further in regards to my moving out deadline. I’ve never been one of those people who moves out in a hurry.  Simply, being among the organized mind. There are three piles in specific corners. One contains everything I wish to store away, another everything that belongs in the dumpster and the last everything that will accompany me.  When I reminisce back on other similar occasions is it quite a luxury to fit everything inside a car.

Just the thought that I could decorate my room with colors, candles, books and actually a tree. Well, not a tree per se. But fragile branches all neatly tied together. The specific item brought personality and charm to my room.  A well-needed item.  When I think about it, shouldn’t everyone have a tree at home.  Makes it much easier to go on a hike. Especially in a city with cars, signs and dust.

It sure will be weird not living in Gothenburg for a while.

But sometimes home is where the heart is.  At least for me. 

Photography by Kajsa Josephine