On a Friday : Almost time for summer

by Kajsa Josephine

It’s very nice to have an hour of two embracing a well-needed break. The room I’ve rented a year is now just a short week away from being a memory.  Every photography that decorated my white walls rests on the plastic floor. My books neatly stacked in brown paper bags. The foreign music section in the same manner.

I don’t mind the move. I think it only will give me great pleasure of expanding my horizons even more.  I’ve got fond memories of the things I’ve accomplished so far this year ; Egypt, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.  Anyhow, it is strange that a very-well planned schedule is open for suggestions in a week or so.

I’m definitely going to spend a few hours in my mother’s garden.  With my sunglasses, a light novel, good food and pleasant company.

Photography by Kajsa Josephine (Potsdam, Cairo and Frederikshavn)